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In the workplace, we rarely share what’s going on beneath the surface. At most companies, the unspoken expectation is that you park your emotional life at the door, put on your game face, and keep things light and professional. In short, you bring a part of yourself to work and try to suppress the rest.

But at what cost — including to productivity?

” — Tony Schwartz, in an HBR blog post, Seeing Through Your Blind Spots, talks about how acknowledging and understanding our emotions in the workplace are important to how well we work. (via harvest)

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Mar 26

Sister Company UpThemes Releases New E-Commerce Theme, StoreFrontal

Our sister company UpThemes has released a new e-commerce theme called StoreFrontal. This theme was Designed by Vin Thomas, and it is a complete e-commerce solution to anyone looking to start an online store. StoreFrontal has some simple features like color options and it’s also built on the powerful WP E-Commerce Plugin. You can view the demo of StoreFrontal here and get a feel for the theme’s design.

Also UpThemes is running a promotion right now. You can win a free copy of StoreFrontal and/or an UpThemes T-shirt. 

Feb 09

Welcome, Matt Simo!

I’m excited to announce that Matt Simo will be joining our team of UX designers and developers at Lift, taking over as a developer of all things awesome. Matt was previously a developer for May, which was later acquired by Pixelfish. He’s an extremely talented guy and a proud Texan. Happy to have you on board Matt. Welcome to the team!

Feb 08


The Essentials of A Day In Disneyland by Rogie King


The Essentials of A Day In Disneyland by Rogie King

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$5 gets you good advice

Jun 21

MetaLab: The Rockstar Myth -


We have to accept that we aren’t super-human. Too many designers pride themselves on hand-crafting everything they produce. They write their own code and insist on designing every screen of a project themselves. Designers like this burn themselves out within a matter of years. When your business…

Why ‘Ok’ Buttons in Dialog Boxes Work Best on the Right -

I love the practical breakdown in the article. The number of visual fixations required to press the “OK” button shouldn’t be large. Making small UX tweaks like this can add up to a notable speed increase in performing tasks, which ultimately, equals happier users.